Our Some of the functions

(a)Human right and child rights.
(b)Poverty eradication
(c)Animal rights
(d)Prevent Social Injustic
(e)Conservation of Enviorment
(f)Aged people care routine
(g)Empowerment of woman
(h)Disease control and other
(i)Health and Nutrition plans
(j)Hygiene and sanitation condition
(k)Humanitarian Relief(l)Education plans and literacy
(m) Refugee Crisis..
Major Responsibilities
Undertake Investigation of froud, comuption waste, safeguarding and any other type of misconduct, with objectivity, Imparti and Fairness throughout the investigative process and in accordance with generally recognized National investigative standards.
Formulate investigation plan, review and analyze all information to determine its relevance and reliability conduct interviews of staff and other parties record interview, acquire and analyze potental, documentary and electronic evidence, conduct investigate research, prepare draft investigation reports, and present investigative results in written form.
Prepare reports and ad hoc briefs pertaining to investigations in coordination with the senior investigator, Ethic and compliance unit management and other asopropriate
Preare recommendations for corrective actions and improved contrals and effectiveness or efficiency of IRC operation.
Aid in the prioritization of investigate work in consultation with ethic andcompliance unit managements
Participate in developing and revising compilance related best practices and lesson learned from investigation work.
Enage regulary with contury direction and Regional vice presidents on investigations.
Work with compliance corrdinators or other local staff assigned to support investigations.
Delivery Investigations traning, remotely and in person to
Country program staff supporting investigation working Relationship
(1) Position reports –senior investigator.
(2) Position directly suervis:non
(3) Other Internal and /or External contacts
(4) Internal :Headquarter departments
(5)External:National representative partner, Vender , service providers auditora as needed.