About Us

What is the CIDF?

14 May 20/21 Establishment of the Cidf.
The CIDF was Founded in 2020/21.Mr.Sanjay Kumar is the National President.The CIDF prevention of crime and the Treatment of offenders and help to enchance National Co-operation.The CIDF was recognized by Government of India Niti Aayog and NCT.Govt.of Delhi.The CIDF has twelve Branches and Camp Offices in India and six co-operating organization in India.This is the slogan of the India crime prevention Foundation. It would be difficult to have a society free of crime. But we should aim for this goal in our actions. Yet how do we do this? By contributing locally and Nationally through the National Co-operation activities of India in the field of crime prevention and criminal Justic.
Counter measures of India Co-operations against bribery and display the Indian government project bitween in public.
We encourage and Invite Individuals of volunteer.Opportunities and volunteer registration, to be and active part of our organization and share the same vision and purpose as us to work for the welfare of children and their families. Volunteers are the backbone of every organization. They not only carry the organizations ideals within them, but also spread the message far and beyond, Senstizing the society towards the cause.
We are no tie -up with any central /state govt.department /CBI/Police and other etc.
(1) Active Intelligence officers.
(2) Active crime Information officers
(3)Number of city we work.
(4) Total Branch /Camp office.
Civilian Information Division is a famous intelligence workers organization in India
In the post it was tasked with all Intelligence but in recent time. It has focused on Internal security. The cidf is national basic intelligence workers organization. Who are you dedicated to some they respected intelligence work for there own Country to make crime free plateform for citizen of India. We provide sectrete information for fake currency. Narcotics, Drug Antics, Illegal post, Stamp paper and weapons to CBI, Vigilance, Crime Branch, Home Ministry, Ministry of defence, Central and State government, Local police and its administration.
We Inviting all professional, Self emplyed service, Class student, Businessman, Housewives, Retd. Person etc to earn extra income, without any experience, Educational Back ground Civilian Information Division unit is India’s leading Investigate investigation agency. The avowed aim and objective, is to train common masses at large to expose. Scans/Corrupt deals /anti socials and anti national element and also to provide job/business avenues to our members, So that they became to financially and social self independent.
Members of Civilian Information Division unit will get remuneration from 5, 000/- to Rs 50, 000/- on each assignment. They will be provided complete technical know how and backup.

Civilian Information Division Foundation has been established two year’s. We provide all type of Investigate Services. As professional Private Investigation we completly understand the the need for confidentiality and sensitivity and can garrantee both. We provide a fast, efficent and reliable service to the legal profession.